Who Should You Refer to Elevating Connections?

Youth in and out of the foster care system of various ages and circumstances could be ideal candidates for the programs offered by Elevating Connections. Consider our two main lines of programming for the youth in your life that could benefit from our services.

Referring Kids to Our Sibling Connections Programs

The Sibling Connections events from Elevating Connections are single-and-multi-day programs that give siblings ages seven and older who have been separated by the foster care system a chance to reconnect and build strong, lasting relationships. If you have or know kids in foster care who would benefit from having stronger sibling relationships, then consider referring them to us for our Sibling Connections events.

Our Connecting Events, retreats, and Camp Connect are excellent opportunities to support the sibling bond in the children in your life who are in the foster care system. Fill out the referral form below to take the next step toward giving your foster child an experience that will positively impact their life for years to come.

Referring Kids to Our Youth Connections Programs

Our Youth Connections events are for kids in and out of the foster care system, regardless of sibling status or age. No one “ages out” of Elevating Connections. We want to help youth in a variety of situations become part of a strong community, find their voice, create incredible art, and have their needs met so they can live happier, healthier lives.

If there is a current or former youth in foster care in your life in need of food, technology resources, friendships, or an outlet to invest in their art, then our Youth Connection programming is here to help. Fill out the referral form below to ensure your foster child gets the help and community they need to flourish in life now and for years to come.

Referral Form

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