Helping Foster Children Forge Connections & Express Themselves

Helping Foster Children Forge Connections & Express Themselves

Elevating Connections believes the sibling relationship should be given the same priority as the parent-child relationship. We exist to help reconnect siblings who have been separated by the foster care system so they can enjoy lifelong relationships. By emphasizing the arts and self-expression, all youth in the foster care system can learn to speak their unique voice into the world. 

Find out more about who we are, or head over to our Donate page if you are ready to contribute financially to make a difference in the lives of our youth!

Here to Make a Difference

Youth in the foster care system are already facing a difficult road that includes changing environments and foster families. Now consider the emotional pain children are experiencing who have to live apart from the siblings they know and love. Elevating Connections helps reconnect separated siblings in the foster care system so they can experience the beauty of a lifelong sibling relationship and all the personal and social benefits that come from that bond.

Go to our Who We Are page to learn more about us and discover how we’re helping change the lives of youth in the foster care system.

Lines of Programming

Elevating Connections helps encourage, strengthen, and motivate youth in the foster care system to find their own confident voice in the world. There are two specific ways we help accomplish this.

Sibling Connections

Our Sibling Connections program reunites siblings throughout the year so they can grow their bonds and share experiences that will last a lifetime. Sibling relationships need effort and intentionality like any other relationship, and we provide safe and exciting environments for these bonds to flourish. Go to our Sibling Connections page to learn more.

Youth Connections

The Youth Connections program focuses on helping youth ages 14 and older find their voice and express themselves through the arts. This program is geared toward youth in the foster care system in general and is not sibling-based. Elevating Connections is excited about the many opportunities this program has to offer, so go to our Youth Connections page to discover more!

Events Calendar

Empowering the youth at Elevating Connections happens all year long. Browse our calendar to see our upcoming events and opportunities for you to get involved!


At Elevating Connections, we rely on the generous support of our donors to impact the lives of our youth. If you would like to donate, we humbly invite you to go to our Donate page and generously give to our cause. Every donation helps positively change young peoples’ lives in our community!

Volunteer Opportunities

You can experience the joy of helping a struggling youth. We have many volunteer opportunities at Elevating Connections for you to get directly involved with our mission. If you want to selflessly give of your time and resources to help positively impact the lives of the youth in our community, then we encourage you to go to our Volunteer Opportunities page to take the next step. 

Referral Process

We are always ready to connect more siblings and help youth in the foster care system find their confident voice through self-expression. If there are youth in your life who you think would benefit from the programming at Elevating Connections, we ask you to refer them to us via our Referral Process web page. Visit that page to learn more about the process for referrals. 

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